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Steve Smith might actually kill Michael Irvin for making fun of his pants

Steve Smith was one baaad man on an NFL football field. In addition to being one of the top receivers of all time, he was a world class trash talker. No defensive back was safe from #89's wrath, and he made sure they knew that before, during and after the game:

After retiring following the 2016-2017 season, Smith signed a multi-year deal at NFL Network, where he'd have to substitute his trash talking for analysis. That is, until last night's Miami Dolphins-Baltimore Ravens Thursday Night Football pre-game show, when Smith bared a striking resemblance to his old self after Hall-of-Famer Michael Irvin made the egregious error of making fun of Smith's pants:

If you notice, while everyone is yucking it up this hilarious joke, one person isn't: Steve Smith. That's because he most definitely is not even slightly joking. In fact, he's probably on his way to literally kick the shit out of Michael Irvin as we speak. Hey, Michael...


... you're a dead man.