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Steve Flesch's ball gets stuck in a tree, then falls out, leading to most adventurous par of the year in golf

Between this and Jeff Maggert's five-putt from less than 10 feet, the opening round of the Hoag Classic has a case for wildest opening round of any tournament this year in professional golf.

On Friday, four-time PGA Tour winner turned FOX broadcaster Steve Flesch was working on a two under round at Newport Beach Country Club. At the 170-yard par-3 13th, Flesch hit one of the worst tee shots he'll ever hit, blocking it well left and short of the green into a pine tree. Unfortunately for Flesch, it got much worse, as his ball was stuck in the tree.

With the ball stuck as high up as it was, Flesch could either take an unplayable and drop with the one-stroke penalty, or declare it a lost ball, which still carries a one-stroke penalty. As he began going through the routine, putting his tee markers in the ground where he would drop, a huge gust of wind shook the tree. Flesch had the presence of mind to duck out of the way just in time as his ball came flying down, bouncing four times on the cart path before coming to rest in the rough. The great break meant Flesch was now hitting two instead of three, and he nearly got away with what would have been the birdie of a lifetime:

THAT close to making at two after he was staring at least four in the face. You won't see a more adventurous par this year, and Flesch made five more consecutive pars to close out his round and post a two-under 69, which has him five off the lead. Here's some clearer footage of the incredible up-and-down from a Round 1 highlight video tweeted out by the PGA Tour Champions (Flesch shot is first highlight):

The Hoag Classic, so hot right now ... The Hoag Classic.