124th U.S. Open

Pinehurst No. 2

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Steve Elkington's tweets are an outrage. How does he get away with such poor grammar?!

February 25, 2014

He has lobbed derisive terms at ethnic groups, poked fun at fatal helicopter crashes and now has reverted to tired stereotypes about homosexuals. But when it comes to Steve Elkington on Twitter, the repeat offense no one is talking about is his assault on the English language.

As much as we can appreciate Elkington's aversion to the sort of canned tweets distributed by other golfers -- at least he's authentic! -- let's just say you know you're in trouble when Ian Poulter looks like E.B. White by comparison.

To wit, his clarification on Tuesday following his much-maligned tweet about Michael Sam:

"There ARE just spectators" or "They're just spectators"? We can't say for sure. But the more precise you are on Twitter, the less likely you are going to be misinterpreted -- which is kind of a thing with Elkington.

Apostrophes, Steve. They're kind of like the 7-iron of punctuation marks.

We're not going to disagree with your assessment of Dove Mountain. We ARE going to take issue with your using the dismissive lower case -- and incorrect name -- for the tournament. And why no question mark here? Ellipses are maddeningly ambiguous  . . .

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