National Treasure

Stephen Schoch, the Virginia pitcher drawing comparisons to Kenny Powers, delivers classic postgame interview about Dippin’ Dots

We’re going to level with all of you right up front: We did not see this coming. After a year-long hiatus, perhaps we simply forgot, but at no point did we expect the wall-to-wall action and hi-jinx that has been the 2021 College World Series thus far. We’re just now entering the Super Regionals, and already we have seen it all—a guy hitting grand slams on a torn ACL, a starting pitcher walk-off bomb to make the Super 16—but no one, and we mean no one, has outshone Virginia reliever Stephen Schoch, who Kool-Aid manned into the public conscious earlier this week with all the energy of a young Kenny Powers.

Not even remotely close to done, however, Schoch kept the train rolling through regionals, and on Tuesday, facing elimination, he took the mound once more. There he flashed his signature pick-off move for the entire baseball world to see, striking fear into the hearts of baserunners everywhere.

But the real highlight came after the Cavaliers had clinched their Super-16 berth with an extra-innings walk-off homer from starting pitcher Devin Ortiz, when Schoch delivered this instant classic postgame interview about those perfect little pearls of ice cream known as Dippin’ Dots.

Ladies and gentlemen, lock up the Declaration of Independence because this man is a National Treasure.

“I heard a fan offer Dippin’ Dots if I blew it,” Schoch told reporters after the game, “Which the price of Dippin’ Dots with inflation is just unreal. So for a brief moment I was like “Dippin’ Dots’ sound good.” But also in the back of my head I thought “we win today, we win tonight, we’re going to be here another day. That’s more per diem so that means I can buy my own Dippin’ Dots and be a winner.””

There you have it, folks. Trickle-down dot-o-nomics. Don’t ever say your college education didn’t teach you anything.