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Video: Stephen Colbert offers his secret to growing the game

March 27, 2014

Stephen Colbert doesn't always talk about golf, but when he does, he makes fun of it. "It's no secret I love playing with my dimpled white balls," he said on Wednesday night during his "Sport Report."

He highlighted some "sobering facts about the game I never play sober," saying that the number of golfers keeps dropping from year to year, then segued to an explanation of Hack Golf, TaylorMade's attempt to crowdsource ideas that'll make golf more fun to a wider group of people. He highlighted some of his favorite ideas, including "free beer" (which generated the loudest applause) and even offered his own "golf hack"--turn golf into basketball. "That's a golf game that young people might play."

Satire and all, this is a huge step for Hack Golf, which was unveiled during the PGA Merchandise Show in January.