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Steph Curry's first-world problem: Warriors' playoff run is cutting into his competitive golf schedule

May 06, 2015

Let's not feel too bad for Stephen Curry. The Golden State guard was awarded the NBA MVP on Tuesday night, and the Warriors, despite an uncharacteristic home loss to the Grizzlies in Game 2 of the Western Conference semis, are still the favorite to advance to the NBA Finals next month.


But therein lies the small (actually make that tiny) problem. The Finals are scheduled to begin June 4. Curry, who carries a 0.1 handicap index out of the Cal Club in South San Francisco, is signed up to play a qualifier for the California State Amateur on June 1 at Merced Golf & Country Club. If all goes well for the Warriors, Curry would have to forego one of his passions for another. And seeing how one of those endeavors is paying him more than $11 million a year, it's safe to say it's his golf clubs that will remain in his trunk a little while longer.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, there remains a possibility that the California Golf Association would grant Curry a special exemption into the field for the actual event later in June, but the other challenge lies with questions around his amateur standing. When Curry played in the American Century Championship in 2014, results show he received $9,504 in prize money, which means he might possibly have to reapply for amateur status.

It all goes to show it's much simpler to be a mediocre basketball player and golfer, because these problems never seem to arise with us.