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Steph Curry will be hosting a putt-putt golf show on ABC...and boy, does it have an awful title

April 04, 2019
Golden State Warriors v San Antonio Spurs

Ronald Cortes

The bad: Steph Curry's PGA Tour event has been put on hold. The good: The Warriors star has another golf event in the works, and a television network has signed on.

The ugly: The name. Boy, is it an ugly name.

On Wednesday Variety announced that Curry is teaming up with ABC to produce and star in a mini-golf putt-putt competition. Consisting of 10 episodes, the show will be called..."Holey Moley."

Good golly.

Each episode will be three rounds of mini-golf, with three finalists taking on ‘Mt. Holey Moley’ for a $25,000 prize, ‘The Golden Putter’ trophy, and a plaid jacket. Comedian Rob Riggle will be doing color commentary, NFL commentator Joe Tessitore will be on play-by-play, and Jeanie Mai from The Real will be reporting from the sidelines.

Listen, whether he's crossing fools up on the court or holding his own against the circuit, we love us some Curry. But clearly the man has reached a strata of superstardom where he's surrounded by yes-men. Only explanation how no one yelled "NO!" at this name.

On the bright side, still not as bad as those Curry shoes, though.