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Stats guru Justin Ray on his favorite Tiger Woods feats, his legendary spreadsheets, and the best players in Masters history

November 11, 2019

Each week on the Golf Digest Podcast, we give a "Nugget of the week." It may as well be called "Let's check Justin Ray's Twitter feed." That's because Ray has become a must-follow in recent years for unearthing stats that keep Golf Twitter buzzing for days.

Ray rose to prominence during his time as a researcher for Golf Channel, but is now the head of content for 15th Club. There, Ray compiles notes for fans to consume, but also works with some of golf's best players (Rory McIlroy and the European Ryder Cup Team are among 15th Club's clients) and analysts as the role of advanced stats in the game continues to grow.

Among other topics, we spoke to Ray about his favorite Tiger Woods stats, his legendary spreadsheets of data, and some Masters metrics you definitely haven't heard about. We also discussed the most overrated numbers in golf, and where this stats revolution is heading.

Plus, Keely Levins and Daniel Rapaport joined me to talk Tiger's Presidents Cup picks, crazy finishes in Turkey and Phoenix, and a spirited Golf Digest annual tradition. Please have a listen: