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Staged or real? Golfer's water-shot fail looks awfully familiar to Woody Austin's infamous dip

May 02, 2017

We are a cynical bunch when it comes to viral bloopers. Because of the reach -- and the rewards that come with it -- of a "Did you see THAT?!?!" clip, it seems more and more YouTube fail videos are staged. However, we watch anyway, hoping that 1) the video does come from an organic place, and more importantly 2) we're entertained.

It's in this vein we bring you a golfer attempting to hit a half-submerged ball from a pond:

On the surface, it does look awfully familiar to Woody Austin's infamous water shot during the 2007 Presidents Cup. Although, after re-watching Woody's flailing arms and leisurely rise from the pond, it seems as Austin is the one "selling" the feat. And to the above golfer's credit, he keeps both hands on the club instead of bracing his fall.

We'll leave the validity of the video to you, but in regards to entertainment, this certainly fits the bill.