Stacy Lewis might be on to something with the progressive format being played at her AJGA event

March 26, 2015

Distinctive or desperate? Whatever your stand, you have to admit that the format the AJGA is trying in June at the KPMG Stacy Lewis Junior All-Star Invitational will at least be different.

When the 54-hole stroke-play event is held at Blessings G.C. in Johnson, Ark., the 32 boys and 32 girls ages 12 to 15 in the field will be paired in foursomes but with a twist: each group be made up of two female and two male players.

The boys will be playing their usual tees for an AJGA event, and the girls will be playing what's normal for them as well. An individual winner will be crowned for each gender.

Additionally, a separate tournament within a tournament will also take place. The top eight girls scores will be totaled up and compared to the top eight boys to crown a team winner in the battle of the sexes.

"I am excited about how this format will not only help spark new friendships," Lewis said, "but will also encourage the development of a healthy gender-blind respect for each other."

It is a pretty progressive mindset, not to mention way to run a tournament. If it succeeds, it could be worth other junior or amateur events adopting a similar approach.