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Stack & Tilt with the Driver

October 17, 2007

From Colorado, where the drives fly a mile high and youthfully long, comes Stack & Tilt advice from devotee Shane Wischer, to others who've adopted Stack & Tilt, but struggled a bit with the long clubs.


I'm writing regarding the reader's question about how to implement the Stack & Tilt on the driver swing.  Instead of placing (or stacking) the ball in the center, place (or stack) the center of the driver head in the middle.  This moves the ball up in the stance 2 or 3 inches giving the swing a sweeping ascending blow.  You can use the same Stack & Tilt principles and it works with the 3-wood also!>

Peter Morrice, who has written the S & T articles with teachers Mike Bennett and Andy Plummer, responds:

We covered how to hit the driver in the > second Stack & Tilt article.Their instructions didn't specifically address ball position, but they do talk about the sweeping angle, which is what Shane is getting at. Here's the part that applies to his comment (there are two more parts on hitting driver in that article):

__"One piece of advice you hear a lot for the driver is to sweep the ball off the tee. Golfers try to do this by hanging back and releasing the clubhead past their hands. This causes the swing path to veer to the left, with the clubhead cutting across the ball. The result is a pull or a pull-slice. For a draw, the club must approach the ball from the inside, and the way to do that is to keep the handle in front of the clubhead through impact. Set up with the handle forward, and maintain that relationship by shifting continuously to your front side coming down. The club will swing in to out, causing the ball to start right and draw." (from page 134, Sept. issue)>


--Bob Carney

(Photo: Chris Stanford)