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Stack & Tilt

February 03, 2008

With the Tour season now in full swing and Northern golfers starting to dream of spring, we're getting more letters about Stack & Tilt again. Here's a rather succinct one from Bud Ormond in Hickory, N.C.:


Still very interested in stack/tilt, > (Peter) Finch success, back problems, short shots traditional or stack/tilt procedure? Enough of how the pros do it, we're amateurs in the senior mode. More stack and tilt!

Bud, the Stack & Tilt instructors, Mike Bennett and Andy Plummer, are hard at work at a schedule of schools as well as a DVD and, separately, a book about the method. I'll keep you posted on timing.

As for editor Finch, he responds to your question about his progress with S&T:

It's working great — especially for my irons. I'm not doing it off the tee at the moment. I found that it often produced a shot that went hard left (and short). A pro told me I was swaying a bit on my tee shots. I find it much easier to stay still with my irons for some reason. Fairway woods and hybrids — same deal. Hitting down on them, with the stack and tilt, seems to work nicely. Occasionally I'll pull my three wood a bit, but nothing like I was doing with my driver. I like the crispness of the stack and tilt shot ... and the lower, more boring trajectory. Definitely getting a little extra distance on the irons. I also notice I get a lot more spin on my wedge, which is cool.

I like the simplicity of it all. Just a very easy move—with a nice short backswing. My missed shots feel like they are much more manageable than they used to be.

Am I scoring any better? Sadly, no. My putter is giving me fits, naturally. But that will be my next project!>

Hope this helps. More to come.

--Bob Carney

(Photo: Brett Flashnick)