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Stable 26: Golf is a game of feet

July 28, 2011

Stable 26 is a new Canadian company that has designed and produced socks that come with silicone inserts that help stabilize the heel in a golf or running shoe, hockey stakes or ski boots.

Why do you need these? The inventor, Dr. Daryl Sherman, explains why.


"There is no piece of footwear on the market, no matter what sport, that is able to mimic the mechanics of the foot," Sherman said. "The foot is important to the mechanics of the golf swing. If you don't have a stable platform, the whole golf swing becomes deficient. The weight shift and power transfer, it all comes from the feet. A lot of swing coaches are talking about this on a more regular basis.

"There is no golf shoe on the market that actually fits properly. What we seem to see in retailers is that most are opting for wide shoes. We tend to look at the forefoot. Nobody is looking at the function of the heel. There's a joint in the back of the heel that controls the entire foot moving forward. Our heels are swimming around in our golf shoes. Look at photos. The forces on that left foot are astronomical, especially since we have cleats. Our feet move independently of our golf shoes. The golf swing cannot be efficient if feet are moving independently of our golf shoes.

"If we could put cleats on our feet, that would be the perfect scenario. But we can't. So you put your foot into something that doesn't move like your foot does. Our feet end up swimming as this mobile foot goes into a non-mobile shoe.

"We can provide stability to rear feet. We can actually allow the end user to custom fit their shoes to do that. We know footwear doesn't fit. We're trying to optimize that fit. If we optimize that fit, it will absolutely improve your performance."

Stable 26 socks are not yet available in the U.S., though they can be purchased through the company's website at about $42. Included is a pair of socks, six silicone pads and a mesh laundering bag.

-- John Strege