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Srixon Updates Z-series Woods and Irons

June 13, 2016

While the 500 and 700 families of Srixon’s Z-series woods and irons may have gained a reputation for shapes that appeal to better players, that doesn’t mean they avoid game improvement technology. Quite the contrary, the latest edition irons and woods, including the 565 and 765 irons and drivers, shows new ways to mix classic looks and traditional materials with some high horsepower features aimed at enhancing distance and forgiveness.

On the metalwoods front, the new Z 765 and 565 drivers lead the way with a new take on cup face technology. (In a cup face design the face extends to wrap around the crown and sole to create a larger area with maximum flexibility.) The Z 765 and Z 565 drivers stretch the cupface farther into the crown and sole, a concept first seen to some degree in the XXIO9 driver, Srixon’s high-end luxury brand. In addition, the sole on the Z 565 and Z 765 features a series of steps that decrease the thickness of the sole as it gets closer to the face. This feature is designed to produce more give at impact on shots hit low on the face. The crown also is 4 grams lighter on both the Z 765 and Z 565 compared to the Z 745 and Z 545 to help lower the center of gravity.

Similar to its predecessor, the Z 565 is a 460 cubic centimeter model with a slight draw bias and is designed to produce a higher launch angle. As well, the Z 765 is downsized with a 445 cc head designed for a more penetrating flight. Both feature an adjustable hosel with 12 settings that alter loft by plus/minus one degree and face angle by plus/minus two degrees. Both come standard with the new Miyazaki Kaula Mizu family of shafts.

ZF65_Fairway_315_Toe copy.jpg

The Z F65 fairway wood employs two technologies, along with its maraging steel face, to enhance ballspeed. First, it continues the stretched cup face design from the driver to expand the area of the face with maximum flexibility. Also, the crown features both a step and a channel feature to aid flexibility in the upper part of the face and increase launch. The channel gets deeper by loft to optimize flight. The non-adjustable Z F65 is available in four lofts (13.5, 15, 17 and 19 degrees).

The Z H65 hybrid borrows the crown channel concept from the fairway woods for higher launch, while utilizing a maraging steel face insert. Compact in size (only 105-110 cubic centimeters), the Z H65 is available in 16, 19 and 22 degree lofts.


On the iron front, the latest Z-series models include three new forged entries and a forged utility iron. All of the irons feature an update of the company’s Tour V.T. sole, which was first seen in the 545 and 745 irons. Aimed at reducing the turf resistance as the club is coming into the ball, the changes involve removing a little more material from the trailing edge, as well as rounding off the heel and toe section of the sole.

The higher-launching and more game-improvement Z 565 utilizes a SUP10 high strength steel face insert, which is surrounded by a forged S20C carbon steel body and hosel for a softer feel.

Z765_5_Iron_Toe copy.jpg

Like the Z 565, the Z 765 uses S20C carbon steel but this time in a single-piece forged cavity back design. Also like the Z 565, the grooves are 5 percent larger than the previous generation to produce more consistent spin on full shots from the rough. The third iron in the family is the forged blade Z 965, a compact design with a narrower sole and slightly more leading edge bounce than any of the three irons.


The hollow Z U65 utility iron features a wider-driving iron sole for a lower center of gravity, higher launch and a hollow construction. Extra ballspeed comes courtesy of the high-strength SUP10 steel face insert. It will be offered in 18-, 20- and 23-degree lofts

The new Z-series clubs are slated to be in stores Sept. 16. Retail prices are $450 for the drivers, $250 for the fairway woods, $220 for the hybrids and $200 for the utility iron. The irons (8 pieces) start at $1,100 with multiple no-upcharge shafts and grips available.