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With spring in the air, Obama hits the links

March 06, 2011

Yet another sign that spring is around the corner after a particularly harsh winter in most of the U.S.: President Obama took to the links on Saturday for the 60th round of his presidency.

Let the "Where are his priorities?" cries begin!

This from the White House pool report:

"The president, in a black cap and light black jacket, emerged from the White House at 1 p.m. for what I believe is the President's first golf outing this year stateside. A 10-vehicle motorcade departed a minute later and stopped at all stop signs and mixed with traffic for the uneventful 22-minute ride to Andrews AFB.

POTUS' golfing buddies today include Ben Finkenbinder of the press office, Marvin Nicholson, the president's trip director and David Katz, a Dept of Energy staffer."

For photos of Obama on the golf course during his presidency, click here.

*-- Sam Weinman