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Spring break crew is back on Snapchat, and making fun of Jordan Spieth's slow play

July 28, 2016

SPRINGFIELD, N.J. -- The SB2K16 squad of Jordan Spieth, Rickie Fowler, Justin Thomas and Smylie Kaufman has once again proven that it’s a group you want to hang out with. Judging by Rickie’s Snapchat after the first round of the PGA Championship at Baltusrol, the crew appears to be living together for the week.

It’d be like if you were back in college living in a house with all of your friends, and you were all amazing at golf and had millions of dollars. #dreamz

Spieth was the only member of the group that teed off in the afternoon. That left Fowler, Kaufman and Thomas in a house without him. Clicking through the Snaps, you can see them spending the afternoon playing a little indoor soccer and watching and commentating on the rest of the golf.

At one point Jordan got up to hit, and Rickie starts the Snap. -- If you’re not well versed in Snapchat, Snap videos only last for 10 seconds max. -- So Rickie starts the snap, and a comment comes from one of the guys, “Dude, you started that way too early. He takes too long.” Brutal, hilarious dagger.

One of the best things about this group of guys, and the main reason that we can all kind of imagine being friends with them, is that they don’t take themselves too seriously. You make fun of your buddies if they play slowly and hit bad shots. And now, thanks to Rickie’s wonderful Snapchat, we can see the best players in the world doing the same thing. We’re definitely fans of what social media is doing to let us see into the lives of golfers. Even though all it really does at the end of the day is make us jealous that we’re not in their crew.