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Sporty Chic: Golf jewelry 'she might actually wear'

June 28, 2011

Sporty Chic Designs was an idea borne of a need, its founder Deborah Poland said. "Most of the golf jewelry out there was really hokey and silly-looking stuff or either diamonds or 14-karat gold," she said.


She widened her search to find something that she might actually wear, she said. When that failed, she decided to start her own company, Sporty Chic Designs, feature golf and tennis-inspired jewelry.

Her golf jewelry -- bracelets, necklaces and earrings -- feature golf tees and balls in the designs at prices closer to the "hokey and silly-looking stuff" than the "diamonds or 14-karat gold."

For now, Sporty Chic Designs products are sold mostly online, though they do appear in a few pro shops, including that at Pinehurst Resorts.

-- John Strege