Special deliveries

July 13, 2011

*Have you heard about __Ross Bridge'__s summer savings? The crown jewel of the RTJ Trail in Birmingham, Ala., is offering a 4-for-3 special. **

***Here are some more sweet deals throughout the world of golf and travel from my colleague Pete Finch, who has has filed his Wednesday blog:

Like anybody else with an email address, I get a lot of spam. But lately I've been taking a more careful look at some of my "junk" email -- and I've been surprised. There are some seriously good deals on golf in there.

One of my favorite courses near where I live (__River Islands GC in Kodak, Tenn.__) just sent out an email offering $35 weekend green fees after 10:30 a.m., including cart. That's more than a third off the regular $55 rate -- which is already quite a bargain, imo. Two days later, a course I like near Golf Digest's headquarters (__Centennial Golf Club in Carmel, N.Y.__) sent an email offering $50 midweek rounds, down from the usual $100. I must've given these courses my email address at some point, but I'll admit to having ignored what they've been sending me till now. I'm going to make a habit of searching for the words "deal," "discount" and "rate" in email subject lines at least once a week. [#image: /photos/55ad7453b01eefe207f6aaea]|||Homestead.jpg|||A lot of the stuff pouring into my mailbox comes from PR firms, like the one I just got offering rooms at the __Homestead__ (*pictured*) for $24.50 a night (part of a promotion for its 245th anniversary). I don't suppose non-golfwriters can get on those email lists . . . BUT you can go directly to websites of courses or resorts you're thinking about visiting and find the same deals. [__The Homestead website__]( makes a big splash about the $24.50 promotion. The__ Poipu Resort in Hawaii__ just sent me an email about its new replay rate, which allows you to play a second round for $115 as long as it's within 10 days of your first round. That's on [__the resort website__]( too. Don't forget social media. Austin's __Barton Creek Resort__, long a pioneer in online discounts, is going to start making special deals available on [__its Facebook page__]( as soon as it gets 3,500 followers. I think Twitter may become a great resource for this sort of stuff too. [__Golfnow.com__](, the tee-time reservation service, has a few Twitter accounts for different regions. Check out [__@golfnowportland__](!/golfnowportland) and [__@golfnowIL__](!/GolfNowIL), for example, for some pretty impressive deals on green fees in those markets.

--Peter Finch*

(For more deals, and details on the golf industry in general, follow Pete on Twitter @Pete_Finch.)