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Sounds like golf fans are going to need some time to get used to Golf Channel’s new graphics

January 04, 2019

A new year, a new look. As the calendar rolled into 2019, and Golf Channel resumed its live tournament coverage, it’s only natural that the network would take the occasion to refresh some of the graphic treatment it provides during its broadcasts.


Yet, as often is the case, change doesn’t always go over well at first glance. When audiences got to see the fresh coat of paint during Thursday’s broadcast of the Sentry Tournament of Champions, their reactions on social media were, well, graphic.

The new color scheme seemed to escape fans’ wrath—reminded us of what they do around the Open Championship. Where many took umbrage with was the choice of fonts and, in particular, that new hovering graphic shown as players were putting to indicate what they were putting for.

Have to admit, we did not realize golf fans were such font nerds. (A little disappointed though there was no heated serif vs. sans serif debate breaking out.)

Not all the reaction was negative, but it definitely appears that fans are going to need some time to let everything settle in before becoming completely comfortable with the new treatment. Of course, Golf Channel execs can take solace that a variety of things in golf—metal woods, softspikes, the FedEx Cup—that weren’t love at first sight but eventually became accepted by golf fans. A little patience and we bet people will come around.

OK, maybe a lot of patience.