the kids are (not) alright

Son ‘tests’ out dad’s new driver, grounding for life incoming

October 24, 2023

Having a kid is great. Probably. You get to place bets on Little League games, dress them up like Mini Me's and live vicariously through their innocent eyes glimpsing the beauty of the world or whatever. But, the lows can be really low, as the following video shows.

Yes, that’s allegedly someone’s son testing out his father’s new driver with the neighbor cheering the youngster on. We don’t know the backstory but the “yeah, buddy” and “f—k yeah” give us an inkling that the cross-street witness isn’t the biggest of fans of the child’s father.

There’s so much animosity in every swing as evidenced by the cracking sound on contact with the pavement, and we would assume that the dad isn’t going to be thrilled the next time he tries out his driver and it spontaneously combusts.

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It’s the junior trying to snap the driver that really sends this from bad to worse as the dad got out there a bit too late to really stop the damage. Hiding the club behind the tire probably won’t work.

We wonder if the child’s mother put him up to this or if it was a solo effort. Either way, it looks like this dad has a new gift on the holiday wish list: a new driver ... or perhaps a boarding school for his son.