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Someone has been pooping in the cups at a Norwegian golf course for 10 years

July 27, 2015

By now, we can all deal with the fact that some people urinate on the course while out playing golf. We can also accept the notion that some people have sex on the course. But this … this is different. A United Press International report tells the story of a man in Norway who poops in the cups at Stavanger Golf Club. This isn't one of those instances where a greenkeeper comes in and is like This one time I was mowing the first green, and there was poop in the cup. No. This, um, s@& has been going on for 10 years. We were using flip phones and renting movies at Blockbuster when this guy started doing this. [#image: /photos/55c3b051b91019d74c98cf53]|||toilet paper.jpg|||(Getty Images)*

According to the story, the club has tried to get the person to stop by putting flood lights around the greens. Those lights were no match for the pooper, though, who found a way to turn them off. This is all a bit much. They need to start investing in some night-time security, or security cameras or something. It's awful that this person is doing this, but even worse that he's gotten away with it for as long as he has.

We wish the crew at Stavanger Golf Club all the luck in the world to help stop the stealth pooper.