124th U.S. Open

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Soccer announcers (fake) calling Louis Oosthuizen’s Masters hole-in-one is genius

If not for Jordan Spieth's sudden and shocking collapse, the most amazing thing to happen at the 2016 Masters might've been Louis Oosthuizen's hole-in-one. In fact, it still might be the craziest part of Sunday's action at Augusta National.

Watching Oosthuizen's shot carom off the ball of playing partner J.B. Holmes' ball at the 16th hole, then roll perfectly into the hole, is one of the craziest things we've seen in major championship golf. On top of two other holes-in-one at Augusta, it's a moment we'll always remember.

Something we ran across that's also pretty memorable is this video shared by ESPN's SportsCenter. They dubbed over the voice of soccer announcers calling a goal in a soccer game as Oosthuizen's ball falls into the hole.

You need to listen to it to appreciate it.

Well done, ESPN. Well done.