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So what does Jordan Spieth do on a day off? Speaks to middle school students about saying no to drugs

October 29, 2015

Jordan Spieth was a surprise guest at Willow Springs Middle School in Allen, Texas, on Wednesday, where he spoke to the students and advised them to “say no” to drugs and other temptations.

He was there at the invitation of his trainer Damon Goddard, whose wife Kristen is an administrator at the school. Goddard gave a speech on the importance of saying no to drugs, then introduced Spieth, who reinforced the importance of doing so.

Following is the video:

Here is a partial transcript:

“Through middle school and high school there a lot of temptations,” Spieth said. “A lot of parties…a lot of stuff going on that you guys are going to if not have already experienced.

“I had a lot of friends who kind of chose the wrong route. They’re still friends of mine to this day. It doesn’t change that at all. But they made the wrong decisions and were set back in life in what they really want to do and maybe aren’t able to accomplish their real goals and their real dreams.

“For me, for whatever reasons, it was the people I was around. It was my parents, it was people I chose to be my friends. I stayed clean. I stayed focused and I found success in what I was doing when I took that route. And it led to accomplishing goals year after year that led to long-term goals that I was able to accomplish this year in an incredible year for our team.

“It’s all about relationships, it’s all about who you’re around. Then, when you’re put in a different situation than you want to be in, can you sit there and say, ‘this is not going to do anything good for me, this is not going to allow me to accomplish me dreams?’ And I was able to do that. I stayed clean. I stayed focus.”

And when faced with temptation? “Say no, say it’s all right. Say maybe later, though you do it later. Make an excuse. I used my parents all the time. ‘I’ve got to go back to may parents. I can’t do that.’ Trust me, it’s going to be worth it.”