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This '5-10-15' rule is a smarter way to snack on the golf course

August 04, 2023


fried at the turn then a cocktail at the 19th hole, more power to you. You enjoy golf however you want to enjoy the game. As long as you're playing (and playing quickly) we support it.

But if you're serious about your game, what you put into your body plays a major role. Rory McIlroy talked about it right here. The wrong food can send your blood sugar spiking and crashing. It can wreck your focus. It can lead to lazy swings. And, of course, bad scores because of it.

But golf trainer Jamie Greaves (who you can follow on Twitter right here) has a handy and helpful piece of advice to avoid those pitfalls, which he calls the "5-10-15" plan. It's a kind of on-course eating strategy, designed to help you replenish the approximate 700 calories golfers burn during a round of golf.

You can see Greaves' tweet about the plan below, but the idea is pretty simple: It's called 5-10-15 because it's a reminder that golfers should eat before there round, and then on the fifth, 10th, and 15th holes. More, smaller meals will give you a steady amount of energy during your round. Obviously, you should be drinking water throughout, too.


You'll want something that will give you some sustained energy you'll be able to burn off slowly. Things like eggs, fruits and healthy fats.

5th hole

You may not feel overly hungry by the time you get to the fifth hole, but that's the point. If you wait until you're hungry to eat, you're more likely to binge something unhealthy. Think of this snack as a little top-up. Something that will get you to the turn. Nuts, granola, etc.

10th hole

Halfway through your round you'll want something that resembles more of a meal. Not a big meal, though, that will leave you feeling stuffed. A wrap or sandwich, or a chicken-salad-in-a-cup situation, will give you the energy you need to have a strong back nine.

15th hole

You're probably getting pretty hungry by the 15th hole. Fruit is ideal, but you could get away with something more carby (or even sugary) here. Really, you're looking for something to give you a last jolt of energy over the finish line.

Here's Greaves' full tweet (and explanation):