Genesis Invitational

Riviera Country Club


Step Forward For Power

By Rick Smith Photos by Dom Furore
June 25, 2008

RANGE DRILL: 1. Take a narrow stance with the ball forward. 2. Swing to the top with a full turn. 3. Step forward, and swing through the ball.

A split second before completing the back-swing, the best players make a slight lateral move with their hips and trunk toward the target. This move not only allows the arms to swing down on plane, it helps increase swing speed by providing improved leverage between the body and club. It's a real power move. If you want to copy it, first train with my step drill to get the proper feeling.

On the range, grab a 7-iron, tee up a ball, and address it with a narrow stance. Your front foot should be in line with the ball. Take the club to the top, but before you start down, step toward the target with your front foot. This action will help you feel that lateral move the best players make. Hit balls this way to get a feel for this shift to your front side.

Ranked No. 5 by his peers among Golf Digest's 50 Greatest Teachers, Rick Smith is based at the Treetops Resort near Gaylord, Mich., and Tiburón in Naples, Fla. Click here for more tips from Smith.