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'Slower than trying to bake a pie with a lighter'

July 10, 2010

Whatever one might think of Christina Kim, she gets kudos here for her willingness to call out those guilty of slow play, even in a U.S. Women's Open.

On Twitter Saturday, she posted this: "Phew, I'm glad I don't have to play behind [Sakura] Yokomine today. She's slower than trying to bake a pie with a lighter."

At the Australian Ladies Masters, she posted this about Australian Tamie Durden: "Tamie Durdin may be an absolute sweetheart, which she is, but she is without a doubt one of the slowest players on Earth." And this: "hey hey come on, be nice. She's still a fine player, just slower than evolution."

Kim, incidentally, is two strokes behind Yokomine, who shares the lead with Paula Creamer. A Yokomine-Kim pairing on Sunday is entirely possible.

-- John Strege