Gear & EquipmentFebruary 4, 2013

SkyGolf introduces SkyCaddie Sport Series

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By John Strege

SkyGolf has expanded its universe of rangefinders with the introduction of the SkyCaddie Sport Series, featuring four offerings, each under $200 and designed to appeal to a greater variety of golfers. Each comes pre-loaded with up to 30,000 courses.

The SkyCaddie Watch (with an introductory price of $199) provides yardages to the front, center and back of greens and is a multi-purpose device that comes with an odometer, calarie counter, clock and stopwatch.

The SkyCaddie Gimme ($169) is a compact device that features a high-resolution 2.2-inch color display.

The SkyCaddie Aire ($129) is a mini-hand-held device that can be clipped to a push cart or golf bag or worn on the belt.

Finally, the SkyCaddie Voice ($150) offers yardages vocally with the tap of a button. It can be clipped to a hat or visor and worn on a belt.

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