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Sky Sports created an AskMonty hashtag on Twitter and it's not going well

April 09, 2016

Media companies are often looking to promote interactivity between its talent and its audience, and sometimes the results are enlightening and educational. Then there are the other times.

When Sky Sports created an #AskMonty hashtag to invite questions for analyst and World Golf Hall of Fame member Colin Montgomerie, the hope was for the golfer to share his expertise on the Masters and the game at large. Instead, the conversation went south in a hurry. To be clear, many of the questions were not suitable for a family website, but to give at least a small taste of the tone, we've provided a sampling below.

Many took aim at Monty's tendency to always cite his experience captaining the victorious 2010 European Ryder Cup team.

Some were more overtly critical.

And of course some queries were just plain ludicrous.

Anyway, you get the drift. This is what happens when there are still hours to go before the leaders tee off in the Masters. Jordan and Rory can't get to the first tee fast enough.