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Sinkhole opens up at Florida golf course, course remains open(?)


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And you thought your latest round was rough.

If you’re on the fairway at the 6th hole at the Tarpon Boil Executive Golf Course in The Villages, you might want to watch out for a new hazard … a sinkhole. Should your ball find this distinctive Florida feature, we advise just taking a drop.

The course, located in the Village of Buttonwood, plans to remain open and the danger has been cordoned off with “bright tape and cones.” That’ll do it.

This isn’t the first recent sinkhole at the master-planned retirement community. Earlier this week one forced a Sunday closure of the Allamanda Recreation Center in the Village of Liberty Park. The hole was about 10 feet deep with plenty of flowers falling into it. “The heavy rains experienced recently preceded by a long drought have created favorable conditions for the formation of sinkholes,” reported.

This is a “Looney Tunes” type of threat, but one to watch out for nonetheless. You can still tee off at the nine-hole 1,578-yard course, but you should do so at your own peril. With that said, golf is a tough game. You've likely experienced worse.