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Simon Says: Follow Our Step-By-Step Programs To Play Better This Year

January 18, 2018

You’ve been around the game long enough to know that golf instruction is usually presented like this: Here’s what you need to do—or stop doing—now go try it. That approach can be very appealing. It’s simple and straightforward, and it puts you in control. But it doesn’t come with directions on how to use the material; there’s no dosing chart.

Before you say that we at Golf Digest, as longtime disseminators of golf instruction, are blowing the whistle on ourselves, keep in mind that we’re always trying to help you get better. And the first step is getting you to actually try things. From our remote post in your golf life, sometimes the best presentation is to give you some good ideas and let you dabble.

But now we’ve created something new. For the first time, Golf Digest is offering instructor-led videos where you simply follow along on screen. You get a full, nourishing golf session just by doing exactly what the instructor does. Think of the fitness program P90X or the exercise-bike craze Peloton. Our new program is called “Follow-Along Golf,” and we’re launching it with two video series: “At-Home Lessons” and “Total-Body Workouts.”

The Lessons series focuses on the basics of the swing and short game, with Golf Digest Best Young Teacher Travis Fulton as host. The Workouts series is led by Kaitlyn Pimentel, who Golf Digest has recognized as one of the top golf-fitness pros in America. Join “Follow-Along Golf,” and you can access these programs whenever or wherever you like. You don’t need a golf course or a driving range; you don’t even hit shots. Grab your clubs, some golf balls and, if you choose the workouts, a handful of common fitness items, and you’re good to go.


Another cool feature is, the sessions are timed. You decide your available time or commitment level—from 5 to 45 minutes—and the instructor leads you through the program. Both series are designed to keep you limber and ready for golf. If you want to fine-tune your technique, go for “At-Home Lessons.” If getting fit for golf is your goal, check out “Total-Body Workouts.” Remember, you don’t have to decide how to use the content, how many swings to make, when to move to the next exercise, etc. Just start the video and follow along. It’s Simon Says for golfers.

The “Follow-Along Golf” series are available individually ($9.99) or as a set ($14.99). See how guided instruction works for you. There’s a lot to be said for letting an expert lead the way—why didn’t we think of this earlier?