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Shorts rule, leaf rule now in effect

November 06, 2015

The Sunday Morning Group gives one extra handicap stroke to anyone who wears shorts after November 1, and two extra strokes after December 1. There are usually quite a few takers, even when the weather stinks:


Wednesday was unseasonably warm, though, so Addison suggested we give the extra stroke to guys in long pants instead. (He had been working in the golf shop all morning and was wearing corduroys.) This was an intelligent suggestion, but, like many intelligent suggestions, it had to be rejected out of hand, because rules are rules.


S.M.G. also abides by the International Leaf Rule, which states that, if everyone in your group agrees that your ball is lost in the leaves, you can take a free drop (in the leaves) in the likeliest spot. An especially sticky case came up recently during a field trip to Todd's other club (photo above), which not only has more holes than our club does but also has more deciduous trees. Everyone agreed that Peter A.'s ball was at the bottom of the pile of leaves in the video below, but in order for him to take a drop in the proper spot he would have had to interfere with the maintenance guys:

Sorry, Pete. No relief. Rules are rules.