124th U.S. Open

Pinehurst No. 2

Short Game

Short-sided In A Bunker? Here's Your Way Out

June 05, 2016

What’s worse than being in a greenside bunker? Being short-sided in a greenside bunker. This shot is scary, and we’re guessing you’ve probably left it in the bunker on more than one occasion.

Swing coach Jeff Ritter says the biggest error in this shot is decelerating. It’s understandable – the shot is so short, you’re just trying to baby it up there. But deceleration is never going to produce a good shot.

Instead, take your most lofted club, open up the face, and choke down. Ritter says you should be choking so far down, one of your fingers is touching the shaft of the club. This makes the club shorter: The shorter the club is, the shorter distance the ball will travel.

Make sure the ball is forward in your stance and that your weight is forward, too. Take the club back a short distance, and make sure you accelerate through. You’ll be out of the bunker, and cozying up to the pin.