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Shopping for clubs? Planning a trip? Clipix might be for you

July 12, 2012

For those who find something of interest on the Internet, but forget to bookmark the site, or perhaps end up with a cluttered bookmark bar, this might be for them: Clipix.

It is a website that allows users to easily clip whatever they want from the Internet and save it to a personal clipboard. It is free and, in fact, could save them money, too.

"It was born as a utility to organize our lives online," company founder Oded Berkowitz said. "We see things on the Internet all day long and many times you want to get back to what you saw online and can never find it again. When you start a Clipix account, you drag the clip button onto your bookmark bar and anytime you see anything online you want to keep, you click on the clip button and it's placed in a customized clipboard."

So where does its utility for golf come in? Berkowitz, an avid weekend player and a member of Montammy Golf Club in Alpine, N.J., explained that if, say, one was shopping online for a set of irons, they can gather all the information they need on one clipboard. More to the point, Clipix comes with price drop alerts. If you're shopping for a set of irons that are priced at, say, $799 at an online store, but you don't wish to pay more than $699, you can instruct Clipix to inform you when the price reaches that level.

"I'm in New Jersey," Berkowitz said. "In two or three months, the golf season will be over and prices will be dropping. You don't have to do anything about it. I do all the work. You can tell the system what price you want to see those golf clubs and a little orange dot appears next to the image of the golf set."

If and when the price of the irons drops to that amount, a green dot replaces the orange dot. Clipix also emails you a notification of the price drop.

Clipix also can be used to gather information for, say, future golf trips that can be synced with your golf partners' Clipix accounts. Anytime any of them add something to the clipboard all will have access to it simultaneously.

"The way I use Clipix in golf is to clip all kinds of golf equipment I'm thinking of buying to compare shop," Berkowitz said. "I also love to look at golf videos -- of Ben Hogan's swing or Tiger's swing. I have several clipboards of golf videos. I have a short-game [instruction] clipboard, too."

Clipix apps for the iPhone and Android are available, too. To sign up, go to

-- John Strege