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Shane Lowry isn't sorry for cursing on national TV

February 29, 2016

Shane Lowry certainly wasn't the only victim of The Bear Trap over the weekend at the Honda Classic, but his profanity-laced tirade on PGA National's par-3 15th from Sunday is drawing the most attention. Here's the clip. Be advised, it's NSFW -- and you probably don't want your kids to hear it, either:

As you can hear, NBC's Peter Jacobsen immediately apologized for Lowry's bad language. Lowry, however, did not:

We can see both sides here. On one hand, Lowry should keep in mind that some TV viewers find that kind of language offensive, and the Irishman knows it draws a fine from the PGA Tour. On the other, put a mic on any average hacker, and you're bound to hear worse than that on every hole. And can you imagine the reactions at your local course for bad shots that are worth thousands of dollars?!

This kind of thing happening under that kind of pressure is bound to happen from time to time. In other words, there's not much to see/hear here, people. Let's move on.