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Sergio Garcia and Padraig Harrington made peace at Rory McIlroy's wedding

April 26, 2017

Following Sergio Garcia's triumph at Augusta National, three-time major winner and Sergio rival Padraig Harrington aired some less-than-generous opinions on the Spaniard. Though he said he was happy for the 37-year-old, Harrington gave insight into their troubled relationship, at one point calling Garcia a "sore loser." Comments that seemingly would create more tension between the two.

Yet, meeting at Rory McIlroy's recent wedding, Harrington told Brian Keogh of the Irish Golf Desk that a potential awkward moment was immediately squashed by Garcia.

“I would say to you that right now at this very moment, my relationship with Sergio is the best it has ever been," Harrington said to Keogh. "We have had a chat because clearly there was an elephant in the room about what I said and we have decided that we will look going forward at our similarities and the good in each of us rather than any other way.

"We are in a great place. If anything, it has worked out for the better."

Thank the golf gods these two have put their beef behind them, if only so we can run this photo from the 2011 Volvo China Open...

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Whenever you feel there's too much division in this cruel, cruel world, use this image as inspiration for hope.