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Senior golfers are *really* excited about getting the full Notre Dame football experience this week

June 27, 2019

South Bend is the site of a different type of big tilt this week as the U.S. Senior Open is being contested at the University of Notre Dame's Warren Golf Course for the first time. Judging by the reactions, the PGA Tour Champions golfers competing are going to want to come back. Even if they don't end up liking the layout.

Perhaps it's because these guys are old enough to remember when Notre Dame Football was actually "a thing," but they seem to be loving every minute of their time in the land of Rockne and Rudy. And the 50-something crew were especially tickled to be able to don the blue and gold with personalized jerseys:

The guys have also enjoyed checking out the Fighting Irish's football facilities:

Play like a Champion(s) Tour Player today this week, everyone!