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SeeMore New Releases (2024)

Looking to learn what you need to know about the latest new putter introductions from SeeMore? These handy thumbnails will keep you up to date on the company's new releases across all club and ball catetgories.


SeeMore Bronze Series: Several familiar head shapes, including the legendary FGP blade that won three of the four majors in the hand of Zach Johnson and the late Payne Stewart, will be commemorated with new a tour-ready Bronze finish. Milled from stainless steel, beyond the distinctive FGP blade, there will be an FGP mallet, an SI2 cavity back blade, a traditional, half-moon shaped SI5 mallet, a deep flange, squared off Model M and the parallel winged Model T. It was 25 years ago that Payne Stewart won the U.S. Open using the bronze FGP blade, the same year SeeMore was founded. The distinctive near-center shaft is positioned so at address a player can tell if the face is square to the target by hiding a red dot that's on the heel side of the top of each style of putter. Each of the models are cast from stainless steel with PVD coating in a gold bronze finish, reminiscent of the original FGP's aluminum bronze design. $200.

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Mini Giant Curve Back blade, Mini Giant HTX: SeeMore is expanding its lineup of slightly oversized models that promise more forgiveness while maintaining the company’s distinctive approach to aim and alignment that is now in its 25th year. The new Mini Giant Curve Back and Mini Giant HLX, which build on the success of the Mini Giant Deep Flange, the most popular model in SeeMore’s current roster. Both are milled from high-grade, lightweight aluminum. The wider blade Curve Back features a slight curved concavity in the back flange that adds an element of additional stability to the design. Heavier copper heel and toe weights create added forgiveness, as does the heavier tipped shaft. In the SeeMore method the lower part of the shaft hides a red down at the heel end of the crown. This keeps the face square to the target during the stroke, eliminating excessive hand movements. The Mini Giant HLX uses parallel wings, along with a central sight line to improve aim that works in concerta with the traditional SeeMore alignment system. $400.