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See the design an 11-year-old Tiger Woods entered in Golf Digest's first Armchair Architect contest

May 17, 2016

Everyone who plays golf thinks they could be a golf course architect. It starts at an early age. Tiger Woods was just 11 years old when he entered Golf Digest's first Armchair Architect contest back in 1987. (Officially, he was too young to win, so he had his father mail it in.)

Tiger Woods 1987 entry.jpeg

His dream hole was a U-shaped double-dogleg par 5 with an island tee, island traps and an island green (see below). Even at age 11, he probably had the talent to cut the corner by smacking an iron from the back tee over his 120-foot-high hill and onto the green where he'd have a putt for a double-eagle 2. (If he avoided the bunker in the center of his green, that is.) The rest of us would likely take the long way around, dodging trees, bunkers, mounds, a creek and a bog.

Woods expanded on the design, and on his thoughts on course design, in the latest episode of "At Home With Tiger." See more here.