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From the Hot List Summit and into your home – indoor or outdoor – the Rapsodo MLM2PRO offers the ultimate edge in precision technology to boost your performance.

Editor's Note: This article is written in partnership with Rapsodo.

February 20, 2024

The term “launch monitor” has become part of the golf vernacular over the last few years. Tour players use high-priced launch monitors on the range to track pertinent swing data; instructors set them up on lesson tees to help students identify areas of improvement; and clubfitters consult them to compare the speed, accuracy and effectiveness of various clubs and shafts as they dial in the perfect fi t for their customers. At Golf Digest’s 2024 Hot List summit in Orlando, the 32 Hot List testers charged with giving scores and reviews of hundreds of clubs also employed launch monitors to help validate what they saw on the testing range. For the fourth consecutive year, the launch monitor they trusted to use was a Rapsodo – in this case, the Rapsodo MLM2PRO.

This sophisticated, portable and lightweight machine consistently generates instant, accurate and useful golf swing metrics, such as clubhead speed, ball speed, launch angle, launch direction and carry distance. It also calculates total distance, side carry, smash factor, descent angle, flight shape and trajectory apex. For golfers using the new custom-patterned Rapsodo Precision Technology (RPT) golf balls – now available in Callaway Chrome X, Titleist ProV1 and ProV1x models – during their sessions, MLM2PRO also measures ball spin rate and spin axis. That’s especially useful when hitting balls into a net indoors, where spin readings are imperative for the utmost accuracy. The insight can be invaluable.

While the data generated by this system is nearly identical to what is produced by much pricier launch monitors, the Rapsodo MLM2PRO costs less than $700 and can fit inside a golf-bag pocket. The combination of precise information and portability has made Rapsodo a top choice of golfers worldwide. Since Rapsodo’s original and still-popular Mobile Launch Monitor (MLM) debuted four years ago, more than 50 million shots have been tracked on the company’s devices at golf courses, practice facilities, indoor hitting bays and backyards.

Rapsodo MLM2PRO can help you get the most from the clubs currently in your bag. Maybe your swing has lost some speed over the years, or your new driver settings have left you with less carry distance. Perhaps you’re striking your irons just a shade toward the toe. Rapsodo can instantly quantify that and help steer you back on track to make sure you’re working on what you need to, ultimately resulting in more success on the course with crisper shots and lower scores. “Rapsodo remains dedicated to providing golfers with the tools they need to play like never before,” says Director, Rapsodo Golf Shawn Curtis. “We are committed to integrating golfer feedback into our pro-grade technology, particularly with our MLM2PRO, which is at the heart of what we do. This approach maximizes their experience and improvement with the clubs they already own.”


Rapsodo continues to innovate and improve the user experience for both MLM2PRO and the original MLM, and incorporates Doppler radar technology to provide precisely measured key metrics. Two new Premium Membership features for 2024 that are proving to be popular for both devices, are R-Cloud that lets you share your swing data and videos with friends, coaches and clubfitters over the web in real time, and R-Speed which measures your swing speed without you actually hitting any golf balls to help you train and focus on increasing swing speed and distance.

Differentiating itself from many other launch monitors, the Rapsodo MLM2PRO has two built-in cameras to show golfers strong and meaningful visuals. One is a high-speed Impact Vision lens that captures an up-close and enhanced view of the club-ball impact at 240 frames per second. The resulting super-slow-motion GIFs show precisely where the clubface strikes the ball. Meanwhile, a Shot Vision camera produces your full swing video from a down-the-line angle and incorporates shot-tracer technology that draws a line of the complete shot just like on TV broadcasts. Perhaps the coolest feature is that MLM2PRO can also quickly pair with the camera on a mobile device to capture an additional video angle, such as face-on, so that you can watch synchronized multiple slow-motion viewing angles of your swing and catch any unwanted head or body movement.

When you want to enhance a range session, you can use the device’s award-winning Rapsodo Combines platform that gamifi es practice by tracking your shots at preset targets. A multi-player golf simulation mode lets you play 30,000+ different courses, including many well-known major-championship and pro-tour venues, plus a virtual range. Imagine being able to enjoy the world’s best courses without ever leaving your garage, basement, or backyard.

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Rapsodo MLM2PRO is seamlessly compatible with iOS and Android OS phones and tablets, and lets you customize views on both platforms. The MLM2PRO also showcases scatter and performance graphs for easy recognition and allows for real-time adjustments.

Visit RapsodoGolf.com to see how you can improve your swing, get the most out of your gear and lower your scores. The MLM2PRO comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, a one-year premium membership (a $199 value), and a sleeve of three RPT golf balls.