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The Secret Tour Pro doesn't play favorites, blasts Jason Day for slow play

January 22, 2016

Jordan Spieth being warned for slow play became the biggest story on Day 1 of this year's Abu Dhabi Golf Championship. But he's certainly not the only big name who has ever taken a bit of extra time to play a shot. And now another golf superstar has been called out -- this time, by a fellow tour pro.

The Secret Tour Pro has been on a rampage of late. Last week, he questioned the legality of Shingo Katayama's putting stroke, and on Thursday, he called out Jason Day for dawdling on the course. As a guest columnist for Golf Club Wankers, STP didn't hold back when discussing the Aussie's slow pace:

The biggest high profile culprit of slow play is Jason Day! We should call him Jason AllDay, he's that slow! F@#% me, he reminds me of that moment at the dentist when your having a root canal and any moment he will be finished and the he utters those dreadful words 'just a few more minutes then I'll be done!'

I watched him on the 17th at the BMW in November taking nine minutes over his tee shot on a Par 3! Yes, you heard that correct, NINE F&$#@% MINUTES!*

Who takes nine minutes over a tee shot? I could of played the hole, read a book, took a shower, washed my hair and got dry in that time! The game has gone beyond a joke! In total his round took 5hr 45min, just think in that time I could of (nearly) flown to New York from Europe!

OK then. . . And STP probably isn't done. According to the headline, "Slow players beware. The Secret Tour Pro is coming for you and he is pulling no punches!"

It will be interesting to see who he calls out next. In the meantime, we can probably rule out Jason Day as The Secret Tour Pro.