Set Your Eyes Inside The Ball

By Sean Foley Photos by Dom Furore
December 20, 2012

You might have been told that when you putt, your eyes should be over the ball (above, right). But if you set up that way, your perception of the putting line can get distorted. When you lean over a ball and turn your head toward the hole, your eyes trick you into thinking the cup is left of its true position. This visual distortion can make you pull the putt.

Instead of positioning your eyes directly over the ball, do what most pros do and set them several inches to the inside (above, left). This is especially important over those short putts where you can't afford to be off line by more than an inch or so. Try setting up this way, and see if it doesn't get you sinking more must-make putts.


Be aggressive on straight putts

Any conversation with Brad Faxon on the topic of putting is a good conversation. Brad and I recently talked about how it's OK to make an aggressive stroke on putts that are relatively flat, but you want the ball to die into the hole on breaking putts. Why? You can take advantage of gravity. Whether the cup is above or below you, as soon as the putt starts to break, the ball is actually moving downhill. Let gravity take it on home.

Sean Foley, a Golf Digest Teaching Professional, works at the Core Golf Junior Academy, outside Orlando.