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Scotty Cameron introduces Phantom X 12.5 mallet putter

December 03, 2019

Anytime Scotty Cameron brings out a new creation golfers tend to get a little excited. That typically holds true even when it’s a one-putter line extension, such as the just introduced Scotty Cameron by Titleist Phantom X 12.5.

“For years we have done mallets—such as the Red X of more than a decade ago—with shaft bends to promote toe flow instead of it being face-balanced,” Cameron told Golf Digest. “The Phantom X 12 we brought out earlier this year was popular, but some wanted a version of it that wasn’t face balanced because they have an arc to their stroke. So we used a stepless steel shaft with one shaft of offset and a single low bend to achieve that. A lot of that feedback came from tour. Another thing some pros wanted was to have a single alignment line instead of two on the crown. I did it in black because black is currently in vogue.”

Like the Phantom X 12, the 12.5 features swept-back wings milled from 303 stainless steel to produce a high-MOI mallet and utilizes two customizable stainless-steel heel-toe weights and stepless steel shafts. An anodized black misted finish reduces sun glare as well. The Pistolero Plus grip boasts a bigger, less tapered right-hand area, which Cameron says takes the pinch out of the right hand.

“303 stainless is one of the best stainless steels to mill,” Cameron says. “ If you use 304 it’s more difficult to mill and doesn’t provide a great finish. The 303 is soft enough that it mills nicely.”

The X 12.5 is also available in a left-handed model. The lefties can get very loud,” Cameron says. “They want everything the righties get and when they don’t, they get a little noisy so it made sense to do it in left-handed.”

The Phantom X 12.5 will be available in North America December 12 at a price of $429.