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Scotty Cameron debuts new Select line of putters


Saying he has put “everything I’ve learned from refining and redesigning Newport-style putters over the last two decades,” Titleist master putter maker Scotty Cameron introduced a new seven-putter line of Select putters that not only incorporates old favorites such as the Newport, Newport 2 and Newport 2.5 blades and Newport 3 mid-mallet, but updated Fastback and Squareback mid-mallets as well the return of the heel-toe weighted blade Laguna model.

Continuing with his recent penchant for using multiple materials in his designs, the Select line boasts face inlays of either 303 stainless steel or 6061 aluminum married to bodies made from stainless steel in an effort to provide a premium sound and feel.

The Select line, however, is not merely a rehash with a couple of new looks. For the first time Cameron is using a four-way balanced sole design to assist in ease of setup and alignment. To achieve this, the balance point of sole is shifted forward to account for the weight of the shaft and grip and how those components impact how the putter sits at address. This results in a putter designed to sit square at address.

Other enhancements include refined contours and sight cues, including thinning the appearance of the topline by using a slightly rounder radius. Other edges and angles were squared off to provide a cleaner look, too. Up to 30 percent more vibration damping material that connects the face inlay with the body. As part of that, the connecting screws are slightly larger to account for the added damping material and the surface compression necessary to produce the softer sound, while preserving feedback.

“Tour players pick up on things most people don’t but those details can make a big difference in how a putter performs,” said Cameron.

Each Select putter comes with a pair of customizable stainless-steel heel-toe weights, stepless steel shafts and black-and-silver Matador mid-size grips. Available March 30, the putters cost $399. The first of 500 models will be available a week earlier on March 23 through authorized Titleist golf shops.