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It's tough being No. 1

Justin Thomas and Dottie Pepper ragged on Scottie Scheffler for the strangest reason

April 20, 2024

Andrew Redington

There is very little to criticize Scottie Scheffler for these days. The man does nothing but win, from Bay Hill to the Players Championship to the Masters, and you won’t be shocked to know he was co-leading the RBC Heritage at midday on Saturday when he had every right to coast or even—gasp!—miss a cut. He's practically infallible.

However, on the CBS broadcast Saturday, Justin Thomas joined Amanda Renner for a guest spot after completing his third round, and he had a small note of criticism for the world's No. 1 player.

"Does anybody else think it's weird that Scottie uses high numbers?" Thomas asked, referring to the number 6 on his Titleist Pro V1. "I don't know if I've ever seen an elite player use high-numbered golf balls."

As Renner told him, he had an ally in Dottie Pepper, who was equally mystified. Watch the exchange below:

Thomas went on to admit that he has his own superstitions and won't use a ball with the number 4 on it. But Scheffler's aura looms so large now that he and Pepper had barely begun to bust his chops before Thomas wondered if it might be worth pursuing, if only to catch some of that No. 1 magic.

"I've been going about this wrong my whole life," he joked.

It's hard not to agree; if I could play just one hole like Scheffler, I'd let them turn my ball into the blackboard from “A Beautiful Mind.”