Scott Piercy shares homophobic slur toward Mayor Pete Buttigieg, support for government conspiracy theory on Instagram

March 03, 2020
Genesis Invitational - Round Two

Katelyn Mulcahy

Scott Piercy's social media account has landed the PGA Tour player in controversy.

On Monday, Piercy, 41, shared a homophobic meme on his Instagram directed at former South Bend mayor and former 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg. Over the weekend Buttigieg suspended his campaign, and a slur that Piercy shared highlighted the news and Buttigieg’s sexuality as a gay man.

Piercy also posted a message about QAnon, which is a far-right conspiracy theory involving a secret plot by a "deep state" against the government, one that accuses its critics of child sex trafficking. The FBI has determined QAnon to be a potential source of domestic terrorism.

Though Piercy has a modest following on his social-media handles, his posts drew immediate criticism on social media for their hate, ignorance, and bigotry. Many wondered if it violated the PGA Tour's “conduct unbecoming of a professional" mandate.

On Tuesday morning Piercy posted an apology to his Instagram. "Whenever I post my intent is NEVER to offend. I want to apologize if any of my recent story posts have been offensive. I will do better!"

When reached by Golf Digest, the PGA Tour acknowledged Piercy's social activity. "We were made aware of Scott’s post and are disappointed in the lack of judgement used," the Tour told Golf Digest. Piercy's representatives have not responded to a Golf Digest request for comment.

Piercy has made 298 careers starts on the PGA Tour, boasting four wins and more than $20 million in earnings. He is in the field at this week's Arnold Palmer Invitational at Bay Hill.

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