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Scheyden's new eyewear for golfers (and pilots)

January 13, 2012

West Coast Trends is better known for its Club Glove line of travel bags, but it also has a line of sunglasses called Scheyden Precision Eyewear that was developed by company founder and avid pilot Jeff Herold in response to his dissatisfaction with available eyewear for pilots.

Scheyden, named after Herold's son Scheyden, has morphed into a company that produces quality eyewear for golfers and other sportsmen, as well as pilots, the latter including the Air Force Thunderbirds. The company is introducing two new models, the Albatross and the Mustang (shown above), at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando in two weeks. They will have a suggested retail price of $309 to $349.

"It's obvious to anyone that vision is an itegral part of the game," Herold said in a news release. "By using the world's best materials, we've been able to create absolutely gorgeous glasses that reduce glare and allow golfers to see the thing they need to see to be better players."

The eyewear was designed by Herold and eyewear industry veteran Patrick Hussey. The technology includes "layers of magnesium hexaflouride, which diffuses ambient light and protects pupils from harsh reflections," the company said. The glasses also use a hydrophopic coating on the lenses to repel water or perspiration.

-- John Strege