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Saturday Morning Tip: 3 Ways to Fix Your Slice

Usually if I were to seek instruction advice from someone named Dustin, I'd turn to Dustin Johnson. But when my golfing buddy Bill Whitney on Cape Cod sent me the following three-part clip from the nationally syndicated comic strip, "Dustin," I decided this one might work just as well:


Golf Digest's instruction can certainly be parodied, and I must admit that these strips made me laugh out loud. But I also loved the clarity of the wife's succinct advice to fix a slice in the last frame of the June 29th episode:

"For Pete's sake, close your stance, strengthen your grip and swing from the inside out!"

I know, it's a little easier said than done. But if you're having trouble getting your shots to curve left instead of right, here are three simple keys to put what she says into practice:

1. Close your stance. This one's pretty easy. Take your normal stance, then drop your right foot back (away from the target line) an inch or two. This basic move allows you to make a better hip turn on the backswing so you can get the club to track more on an inside path.

2. Strengthen your grip. Not only does this make it easier to turn your hands over through impact (which helps to square the clubface), it also encourages you to do No. 3. (Keep reading to find out why.)

3. Swing from the inside out. If you have a strong grip and don't swing from inside the target line on the downswing, you'll hit pulls or pull-hooks. A strong grip, over time, will encourage you to improve your swing path so your shots start slightly right of your target. One of the best thoughts for swinging into the ball from the inside is one I learned from the legendary teacher and CBS commentator Peter Kostis. He told me to "turn back and swing through." In other words, make a full shoulder turn on the backswing, then on the downswing think of keeping your shoulders turned and focus on swinging your arms and hands down. This key will result in the club returning to the ball on the inside-to-out path you are striving for.

Good luck with your game this weekend, and remember to follow me on Twitter @RogerSchiffman.

*Roger Schiffman

Managing Editor

Golf Digest

(Dustin is reprinted by permission of King Features.)