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Samsung introduces golf Smart Shirt, provides weather, UV rating

January 07, 2016

How intelligent are your golf shirts? Probably not at all, unlike Bean Pole Golf’s new Smart Shirt that, among other things, can tell you the weather and the UV rating where you are, CNET reports.

The Smart Shirt was unveiled at the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas on Wednesday. It comes with a near-field communication (NFC) chip that relays information to your smart phone.

It was developed by Samsung C&T, as part of its foray into wearable technology that began with its Smart Suits.


“The Smart Suit has NFC in the wrist to do things like unlock your phone when you take it out of your pocket or let you exchange business cards digitally. You can also set different modes on your phone, like Office Mode and Drive Mode,” Shara Tipken of CNET wrote.

Many of the Smart Suit functions will be included in its golf shirts that will be sold under its Bean Pole label.

“Wearable technology has emerged as a key topic of recent IT trade shows as the potential of the worldwide wearables market is rapidly growing,” a representative of Samsung C&T said on its website. “Most of wearables are usually in form of electronic devices, but Samsung C&T presents differentiated wearables in form of fashion items, taking advantage of its experience in the fashion industry.”