Reality TV

'Dang, there's a lot going on here': Sahith Theegala perfectly described his first time watching this long-running reality show


Keyur Khamar

We've all been in the position where you walk in on your spouse/significant other watching some God-awful reality show they like and after about 30 seconds you say "what the HELL is going on here?" One of two things happens after that: 1. you get screamed at to leave, or 2. they begin explaining what's happening and it leaves you even more confused than before.

"The Bachelor," however, is rather easy to follow. There is one man or woman and then 20-plus of the opposite sex looking to win that man or woman over. Simple stuff. Unless you make the first episode you watch the season finale like reigning Fortinet Championship winner Sahith Theegala did on Monday night ahead of the Houston Open. 

Of course, Theegala, 26, didn't simply flip on Monday night's TWENTY-EIGHTH season finale of "The Bachelor" at random. He was invited to to the home of his old Pepperdine teammate, Clay Feagler, with his girlfriend and his Feagler's girlfriend to watch the finale as he prepares for a home game this week (Theegala is from California but now lives in Houston). 

Theegala mentioned this in passing during his Tuesday press conference at the Houston Open, but one of the PGA Tour's moderators brought it back up later on in the presser, saying that it had to be the first time "The Bachelor" had ever been brought up in that setting. Theegala was quick to set the record straight that it's not something he indulges in often, though he perfectly described his first "Bachelor" experience. 

"I haven't watched it," Theegala said. "My girlfriend's watched all of it and then Clay's sister's watched all of it. I was just kind of thrown into this finale. I was like dang, there's a lot going on here."

Oh yes there is, Sahith, especially when you check in for the very last episode. That'd be like walking in on the last 20 minutes of the movie "Se7en" and saying "damn, what's going on here?" Not exactly apples to apples but you get the point. 

"My thought was it seemed like they're pretty happy with who he chose," Theegala continued. "Kelsey was her name? Apparently there was some drama about who the next bachelorette's going to be, too. Someone that wasn't expected. My girlfriend's Asian so she was pumped that the next bachelorette is going to be Asian. Yeah, it was fun."

Excellent analysis, sir. If Theegala goes on to win this week, I think we officially need a new statistical category - strokes-gained/reality TV.