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Sadly, Sergio Garcia is not wearing the green jacket to his wedding

May 09, 2017
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Stan Badz

With his breakthrough at Augusta National, Sergio Garcia finally answered the nagging question, "Does he have what it takes to win the big one?" But, as it so often does in life, when one inquiry is taken care of, more follow suit. Will this open the floodgate for more majors? Do we have to re-evaluate Sergio's historical standing? And, perhaps most importantly, will Garcia wear the green jacket to his upcoming wedding?

While time will respond to the first two issues, we have a response for the third.

“No, I don’t think so," Garcia told USA Today Sports. "The jacket is very special, but our wedding is its own special part of our lives. It wouldn’t be the right way to go there.”

Frankly, we're disheartened. Everyone gets married; only a chosen few can step to the alter in the green jacket. As an engaged man, I asked my fiancée to confirm this opportunity lost...

(Death stare)

You know what, Sergio's right. A wedding is a holy and spiritual event, and should be treated as such.